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An Unconventional Investment Channel

Investing your hard-earned money is just as hard as earning and saving it for good reason. With the increasing cost of living these days and the increasing number of expenses to think about and pay for, it is hard to set aside and save a part of your salary for savings and investments. Because it is not such a walk in the park to save up a pretty good value to start investing with, you should really be careful and choose wisely on which investment channels and platforms you would like to place your money in. You would not want to lose your money, right? With all the different types and forms of investment sprouting every now and then, what exactly is the best way to invest money? In essence, you would want to invest somewhere that would allow for your money to grow in value, so you might think that investing in something that just depreciates in value over time is definitely out of the question. But with the current trend in this fast-paced world we live in right now, that is where you just might be wrong.

Need for Speed

In the United Kingdom, almost all households have a car to drive around with. When you have a car of your own, you can travel more freely and in more comfortable overusing public transport. Most people of age in the UK have a driver’s license, but it does not necessarily mean that they own a car for the simple reason that it is not always affordable. This holds especially true for people who have a bad credit rating. No matter how much they would like a car to use for their own convenience, it may be nearly impossible for them to take out a car loan, and simply just hard to lease one out. That is where you, as an investor, come in.


Buy2LetCars is an investment company which was established in 2012 in partnership with Wheels4Sure. These two companies offer solutions to investors and individuals who were greatly affected by the 2008 banking crisis. Buy2LetCars was set-up for investors who are having a hard time to look for reliable investment channels which would give a reasonable rate of return for their money. While Wheels4Sure, as a partner company, provides individuals with the opportunity to have a car of their own regardless of their credit standing. When you invest with Buy2Let Cars, you would be investing in the car units that would be used to lease out through Wheels4Sure. Since there is a high demand for cars as a deeply sought out mode of transportation in the UK, it is a wise investment to make regardless of the depreciating value of cars.

Monthly Income

Investing with Buy2LetCars means that you will receive a monthly income immediately after you have chosen to invest with the company. A typical investment will run for three years, the same amount of time a lease term would also run. If for example, you have £14,000 to invest, you would be investing in a single unit, or one car, to be leased out to through Wheels4Sure. In a span of three years, your £14,000 would be returned to you along with a total gross gain of £3,079.72 with you just doing absolutely nothing. Each month for three years, you would get a monthly payment of £250, and on the 37th and final month, you would receive a gross monthly payment of £8,080 where the interest rate of return per annum at 9% IRR is already included. The beauty in a monthly pay-out is that you would be able to use the money immediately on urgent matters, living expenses, or maybe even on new investments that would allow for your money to grow even more in value.

Passive Income

With Buy2LetCars, you do not have to manage the investment on a day to day basis like with other investment channels such as placing money in the stock market. Buy2LetCars will have full control over your investment, but you do not have to fret about it because, in the case of bankruptcy, you are guaranteed to get at least 85% of your original invested value. This also means that you would easily earn monthly on a monthly basis without having to lift a finger or think about any decision that would allow your money to earn an average of 7% to 11% IRR per annum.

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